Every Pet Needs A Medical Center

download (9)The term animal medical center sometimes refers to a veterinarian or pet-centered health care facility. This is actually a system where animals receive all their primary health care from one place, preferably a veterinarian who understands both the pet an owner and knows their health history very well.

An attachment of confidence, which is created by the vet-animal rapport, builds up between the veterinarian and the pet. Dependability for animal health and care management stays with the personal veterinarian of the animal using other affiliates of the medical care group as required. Such an arrangement offers continuity of treatments and wellness care and it has been discovered and proven that it leads to better animal health results as well as reduced cost of health care.

The source of pet-centered health care centers can be traced back to times when this country was basically rural and animal care was offered by local veterinarians (often mobile). As America developed and animal health care became more and more urbane with several specialists being involved, the task of the veterinarian was de-accentuated and animal medical care transformed into a more fragmented system. Many pet owners, missing a local veterinarian, accessed care for their pets from numerous sources such as pet emergency rooms, multiple vet offices and urgent animal medical clinics at random – any place they could obtain an appointment the moment the need came up.

In the past, the very significant continuity of animal medical care was lacking. No single veterinarian understood the pets well or took responsibility for the overall care of the animals. Most times contact between the pet owner and numerous veterinarians was missing. No single vet was coordinating medical care or understood every medication that the animals were taking. Such kind of an arrangement was not ideal at all.

The advantages of animal-centered health care center are established very well and comprises of the following:

– Better health conditions for pets since they can conveniently access medical care and the practitioners are fully aware about the health history of their animals

– Better prominence on preventative pet care measures by pursuit of healthy ways of life for both pet and owner. The veterinarians also make a follow up on the life style of their animal patients

– Better management of chronic illnesses

– Prominence on pet owner learning and participation in animal disease management

– Reduced improper utilization of animal hospital emergency rooms and other veterinarian medical facilities that are not necessary in some conditions

– Reduced lengths of the time animals stay in hospital